Affection — Passion — Love

12 Дек

The field of daisies… Imagine the field of daisies… Spring… and you are passing the way just by that field. Suddenly one daisy drives your attention. She is one from the thousands but you come near her… there’s something in her that attracts you… you pick it up… you want it to be yours, only yours. You don’t think about that she will die because of this, and you go away from that field. This was sudden desire, maybe a little bit selfish but wonderful and unstoppable. This is PASSION.

Again you are passing the field of daisies… and again the one from the million drives your attention. You go near this daisy… you want to touch it, but you can’t. You feel like you want to die near her. But, suddenly, a breeze blows into your face and brings you the smell of another flower. It is so amazing that you can’t stand and go to the place where this scent came from. As about the daisy she is left in one corner of your . You haven’t shared many things, and you will never forget about her, but also you cannot come back to her. This is AFFECTION.

And again the same field… one daisy that attracts you. One from the million, but you go to her… and you stay there. You will do your best to not let her die. The only thing you want is to be near her. You believe that there’s nothing that can make you leave this place… and you will be there… you will be there ’til her last day… and that’s LOVE.»


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