Osman style or turkish style or arabian…

10 Фев

İ always was in love with traditional styles at home (at that time i was living in Ukrainia).Not know why but as for me when u make everything by ur own hands at home it becomes more home one, lovely and warmer.My dream was,when i was small girl to make home in country style, that i was making experiments with my own room….
Now happened such that İ m living in Turkey.Mmmmm.. Turkey changed me,no not just country,people that surrounds me and sitiuations in which im and and and…Unfortunately a lot of people has other opinions about this country.But as for me ,its very and very warm country,country where u really has freedom,here u can see people of different religions, different styles, with different political thinking ….but all of them proud of their country and thnx GOD their hearts didnt become cold like others, they still has their traditions, singing songs mostly in their la ,playing old musical intruments….
Somehow i associate all this with red colour. Why red? mmm, fire, warmness …and at home which still we dont have (hope in future God ll let us to have it) wanna expose it . Real turkish halı with ornament, sofa (like this on which osmans where sitting), too much pillows, long curtans and and and

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