Comparison (karşılaştırma) 7class

14 Мар


Most qualitative adjectives have three degrees of compari¬son: positive, comparative and superlative.
The comparative and superlative degrees are formed in two
by the suffixes •er, -est Positive Compara¬tive

one syllable and two syllable ending in -y, -er, -ow, -le big (büyük)

happy clever simple narrow bigger (daha büyük)
happier cleverer simpler narrower (the) biggest (en büyük)
(the) happiest (the) cleverest (the) simplest (the) narrowest
by adding more/the most/

before the adjec¬tives of two, three or more syllables famous successful interesting more famous
more successful more interesting (the) most famous (the) most suc¬cessful (the) most inte¬resting


Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey.
Istanbul is more crowded than Ankara.
Erzrum is hotter than Mersin.
Mersin is colder than Erzrum.
Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey.
Children are the happiest people.

Irregular Comparative and Superlative Forms

Positive Comparative Superlative
good (iyi) better (the) best
bad (kötü) worse (the) worst
little (küçük) less (the) least
many/much (çok fazla) more (the) most
old (eski/yaşlı) older/elder (the) oldest/eldest
far (uzak) father (the) farthest

Old: elder — eldest (for people only in the same family) older — oldest (for people and things)
My father is the eldest in our family.
/ am five years older than my brother.
You live father than I thought
This is the nearest post-office to our house.

Comparative Constructions with the Adjectives

The same as – aynı

The weather today is the same as yesterday.
Ali’s marks are not the same as Arzu’s marks.

Different from – farklı

A rose is different from tulip.
A walkman is not different from diskman.

As……as – kadar

Giray is as old as Alp.
Nigeria is not as rich as the USA.


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