Unit 4d (pre.inter)

9 Сен

UNİT 4 (D)

Superlatives (+ever+ present perfect)

Opposite Adjectives

1.What are the opposites of these adjectives? Find the opposites and work in pairs.


e.g.: What ‘s the opposite of the word ‘ friendly’? The opposite of the word ‘ friendly’ is unfriendly.

—         friendly;                             — untidy;

—         funny;                                — impossible;

—         generous;                           — impolite;

—         lazy;                                   —  impatient;

—         shy;                                    — unhealthy;

—         talkative;                            — unhappy;

—         boring;                               — uncomfortable;

—         crowded;                           — safe;

—         dangerous;                         — rude;

—         far;                                     — quite;

—         modern;                             — old;

—         noisy;                                 — near;

—         polite;                                — exciting/interesting;

—         polluted;                            — empty;

—         happy;                               — clean;

—         comfortable;                      — unfriendly;

—         healthy;                              — serious;

—         patient;                               — quite ;

—         polite;                                — mean;

—         possible;                             — hard-working;

—         tidy                                     — extrovert;

2. Match the verbs with the adjectives . Ask and answer the questions using Present Perfect + ever. Work in pairs.  Try to use


e.g.: What is the most beautiful place you have ever been? Why ?

İzmir is the most beautiful place İ ‘ve ever been . Because,as for me  the sea is clean and warm there. Also this place is full of historical places and İ  enjoyed İzmir very much.





Which                              polluted                          meet

What                                impatient               +       visit

Who                                 comfortable                   enjoy                ?

Bad                                catch

İnteresting                     have

Expensive                      be

Beautiful                       make

Ugly                             answer

Much                            talk

Expensive                     grow

Dangerous                    eat

Noisy                            go

Hot                              buy

Old                              copy

Good                           work

Little                           suppose

Delicious                    win

Great                           borrow

Weak                           fail

Terrible                        receive

Marvellous                   sell

Embarassing                send

Boring                         earn

Frightening                  know

Depressing                  hope

Look after


stay up

find out

try on

pay back


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