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My English tenses for students till 9 th class

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+ İ (you,we,they) like to watch TV.

+ He (she, it) likes to watch TV.

İ (you,we, they) don’t like to watch TV.

He (she, it) doesn’t like to watch TV.


Do you ( İ, they, we)

like to watch TV?

Does he (she, it) like to watch TV?

What ,why, when, how often how long ,where + question ?



+ İ am singing a song now.

+ You (we,they) are singing a song now.

+ He (she,it) is singing a song now.

İ amn’t singing a song now.

You (we, they)aren’t singing a song now.

He (she, it) isn’ting a song now. sing


Am İ singing a song now ?

Are You (we, they)ing a song now? sing

İs he (she, it) singing a song now ?

What , when, why, who, how long, how much ( many) where + question

For example:

Why are you singing a song now?

+İ (you, we,they) have lost ( 3d form – loose –lost-lost) a key, can’t find it

+ He (she, it) has lost a key, can’t find it.

İ (you, we,they) haven’t lost a key, it’s on the table.

He ( she,it) hasn’t lost a key,it’s on the table

? Have you ( i, they,we) lost a key? İ dont see it.

Has she (he,it) lost a key ? İ don’t see it.

What,who,when,where,why,how long,…+ question

For example : Why have you lost a key?


İ liked ice-cream (burada regular fiil var –like, o zaman

–ed ekle)

İ went to cinema last year ( burada irregular fiil var – go, o zaman ikinci form koy ( go-went)

i didn’t like (go) ice-cream (to the cinema)

? Did i like ice-cream?

Did i go to the cinema?

What ,when, where, why, how long, how + question


WHO + İKİNCİ FORM ( ne zaman o regular fiil + ed) + et ?

For example :

Who went( irregular fiil go var,çünkü ikinci form)to

the cinema?

Who liked (regular fiil like var, çünkü ed)the ice-cream?

İ ( he, she,it) wasing a song all night. sing

You (we,they) wereing a song all night. sing

İ (he,she,it)wasn’t singing a song all night.

You (we,they)weren’t singing a song all night.

? Was İ (he, she,it)ing a song all night? sing

Were you ( they,we)ing a song ? sing

Who, what, when, why,where,how,how long…+ question ?

For example:

what were you singing all night?


İ (you, we,they,he,she,it) will play pc tomorrow.

İ (you,we,they,he,she,it)won’t play pc tomorrow.

? Will i play pc tomorrow?


For example: why will you play pc tomorrow?

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